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EveryONE nowadays needs a viDEO presentation



Story telling is our passion and our creative outlet.

Through Cinematography and Photography we express what we are thinking and feeling that words could never do.

We are based in UK and Greece but our passion takes us all around the world no matter the distance. Inspired by life, by music, by people, by common daily things.

The true beauty of Cinematography & Photography is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we love to be... the messengers.


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Our wedding films tell the story of your love and your coming together in matrimony. We capture those special moments as they happen. Transforming your wedding into a living, lasting memory, forever to be enjoyed and shared.


From traditional TV commercials to today's advent of Social Media (YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook), it's no secret that video has become the medium of choice.

Convenient and efficient for the consumer, video marketing provides you with an attractive, versatile, and shareable medium to reach either a global or target audience. As a business in modern times, can you afford not to have a video presence!


The very definition of a lifetime memory…   Often we are too young to remember this day ourselves and yet it is such a precious occasion that we join together and celebrate life. Make sure your child has an ever lasting memory of their first celebration with those he/she will grow to know, love, and cherish as their family too.


We love to travel, business or pleasure, we can capture your journey and destination in a truly unique way. Using the latest drone-technology we can capture your luxury hotel resort from above, help promote your local town or community, or perhaps even full commitment of your (group) trip as you explore nature. We can capture your journey of a lifetime, or inspire others to visit your destination.


Culture and arts, team sports, or recreational hobbies we love to capture the art of a performance, tell the tales of history or help promote local arts. We can facilitate an interview to tease out interesting facts, and personal motivations, or simply observe though a lens, pretending like we are not even there. Before finally presenting to you your own feature film, to inspire the next generations.

Everyone nowadays needs a video presentation
— Nikolaos Axelis